How to Leverage Feedback From Professional SEO Audits

Google’s search engine algorithm changes over 500 times every year. If you’re not keeping up with these changes and scheduling enterprise SEO audits, your rankings could drop. Professional SEO audits allow you to recognize where you need to make improvements to your SEO strategy. 

With white label SEO audits, you can enhance your website’s online visibility to generate more organic traffic. As you attract new visitors, you can generate more leads.

Not sure how to use the feedback you’ve gathered from a recent audit? Read on for the tips you need to improve SEO rankings today!

On-Page SEO

An on-page SEO audit will examine the elements on each page of your website. These include:

  • Content quality
  • Keyword usage
  • Headers
  • Meta descriptions
  • Title tags
  • Internal linking

Reviewing these elements will help optimize your website for search engines. You can assess content relevance by reviewing user engagement metrics. These can include dwell times, bounce rates, and page views.

Here are a few ways to improve your on-page SEO.

Improve Content Quality

Confirm that your content aligns with your audience’s needs and expectations. If your content doesn’t match their search intent, visitors will leave. Your bounce rate will increase, causing your SEO rankings to drop. 

A high bounce rate and low dwell time means people are leaving your site without exploring. Your content likely doesn’t match their needs. Update your keyword research strategy to create content based on their current interests. 

Identify outdated and irrelevant content before it impacts your site’s performance. You may need to update old posts or remove pages that aren’t relevant. 

Look for pages with a drop in clicks or impressions. Consider updating your titles, meta descriptions, or images. Update your content promotion strategy to generate organic traffic toward these updated posts. 

Optimize for Engagement

The more time visitors spend on a page and click around, the more likely your SEO rankings will improve. You can use heat maps to study user interactions on each page. 

Use A/B testing to compare variations of page elements (call-to-action buttons, links, images). Curate your pages based on where your pages generate the most engagement. 

Keyword Optimization

Consider the strategic placement of your target keywords. They should appear in each page’s:

  • Page title and URL
  • SEO title and meta description
  • Image file name and alt text
  • An H1 header
  • Body text
  • Opening and closing paragraphs

Avoid keyword stuffing by adding secondary keywords to the content. You can use an SEO plugin to ensure your keywords are properly placed.

Professional SEO Audits from Neur Digital

Technical SEO

Technical SEO focuses on the backend of your website; namely, the user experience you offer visitors. Every dollar you invest in user experience (UX) design results in a return of $100. To improve SEO rankings, make sure your website is:

  • User-friendly
  • Fast
  • Mobile optimized
  • Secure

Almost 90% of consumers shop with a competitor after a poor user experience. However, only 55% of companies are currently conducting any user experience testing.

Consult an experienced web design and development agency. Determine if they specialize in eCommerce SEO audits if your site has a store.

They’ll make sure your website adheres to Google’s Core Web Vitals. Following the Core Web Vitals will improve the UX across your site.

Indexing and Crawling

Google will crawl and index your website to find and catalog your pages. Make sure it’s indexed and crawlable to ensure online visibility.

Use Google’s Search Console tool to find crawling or indexing errors. It can monitor Google’s interactions with your site.

Use the Index Coverage Report to find problematic pages. Resolve canonicalization issues and crawl errors as soon as possible. Otherwise, your pages likely aren’t appearing on search engines.

Find Duplicate Content

Use plugins to find and address duplicate content. Otherwise, your content could confuse Google. You’ll dilute the value of each post if there are duplicates.

Off-Page SEO

An off-page SEO audit addresses external factors that influence your website’s search engine performance. This audit will improve your website’s authority and trustworthiness.

Competitor Analysis

Determine what keywords your competitors already rank for. Recognize opportunities they’ve neglected to rank higher on search result pages.

Benchmark your website’s performance against a competitor’s. Identify where competitors are outperforming you and close those performance gaps.

Link Building

Your content should include internal and external links. Internal links send readers to additional pages on your site. These links will help Google crawl and index your content.

External links send readers to other websites. Using external links can strengthen your authority. Check for broken links that can negatively impact the user experience.

Use your enterprise SEO audits to recognize backlink-building opportunities. For example, perhaps another site mentioned your business but didn’t create a link to your content. Ask them to add a link to the anchor text to generate referral traffic.

Identify toxic and low-quality backlinks. Review each backlink for relevance and quality.

Local SEO

Local SEO will help your business attract nearby customers. It ensures your site appears when people in your area look for your products or services.

Localized Content

Review the content on your website to confirm you’re targeting location-specific keywords. If not, plan to create content that speaks to your local audience. Share this content using email and social media marketing to generate local organic traffic.

Google Business

Review your Google Business listing to confirm the information is accurate and matches what appears on your website. Add fresh photos and video content to refresh your listing over time.

Ask customers to share their reviews on your listing. Positive reviews will strengthen your brand’s reputation and local rankings. Respond to comments as you receive them (don’t delete negative comments).

Check your business information on other directories. Correct inaccuracies and inconsistencies or complete missing listings.

Benefit From Professional SEO Audits

Professional SEO audits can enhance your online visibility, allowing you to generate more brand awareness and organic traffic. Use these tips to make adjustments after reviewing your audit. With these tips, you can set your business up for growth and lasting success with digital marketing!

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